All prospective, current, and returning students are encouraged to apply for financial aid! Applying for federal student aid and/or Tulane need-based scholarship consideration requires students to reapply each year.

Federal Student Aid

Completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for all eligible students seeking consideration for any and all federal student aid resources (federal grants for undergraduates; federal student loans; federal parent loans, and/or federal work study). Use Tulane’s federal school code: 002029.

Merit Scholarships

The majority of Tulane University’s various merit scholarship offerings (at the undergraduate and graduate levels) do not require the completion of an application, as generally each admission office will at the point of admission determine a student’s eligibility for a merit scholarship. However, check with respective admission offices at the University to confirm which Tulane scholarship programs may require an application process and the deadline for application. Tulane’s merit scholarships are designated solely to assist with Tulane tuition.

Entities outside of Tulane may offer merit scholarship opportunities, so check with each outside scholarship provider as to their respective scholarship/grant application process and deadlines.

Need-Based Scholarships for Full-Time Undergraduates

Students enrolling at Tulane as a full-time undergraduate (except SoPA students) and seeking consideration for Tulane need-based scholarship funding are required to complete (in addition to the aforementioned FAFSA) the College Scholarship Services (CSS) Profile application. Use Tulane’s CSS school code: 6832.

This application is solely used to determine a student’s eligibility for Tulane need-based scholarship, which is first and foremost awarded to assist with Tulane tuition.

In addition to completing the CSS Profile, students must also submit directly to Tulane all necessary validation and other requested documents. Students whose parents are separated and/or divorced must also have the non-custodial parent complete the Non-Custodial version of the CSS Profile.

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