Yes, loans are considered a type of financial aid! While borrowing is never encouraged, the uniqueness of the Federal student loan programs provides tools and options for assurance that loan repayment should not be a burden. Basically there are two types of educational loans: 1) subsidized, whereby the federal government subsidizes (pays) the interest associated on the loan during periods of eligible deferment (such a while in enrolled at least half-time in a degree seeking program); or 2) unsubsidized, where no interest is being subsidized, meaning that interest is accruing at the time of disbursement for the amount disbursed (unless one is making interest payments). Please note that Tulane Financial Aid cannot process federal loans once the aid period for which the loans are intended has ended, or after the student has ceased attendance, whichever comes first. This deadline is in effect for federal educational loans for either a student or their parents. The federal deadline for federal educational loan origination is by the end of the award period for the loan, so federal educational loans in virtually every case must have disbursed while the student is still in attendance in the academic period for which the loans are intended. We strongly recommend that students and/or parents communicate and finalize their borrowing intentions at least one month prior to the end of each semester. Below is more information on the types of educational loans available.

Undergraduate Loans

For details regarding educational loans available to undergraduate students:

Graduate & Professional Loans

For details regarding educational loans available to various graduate and professional students:


Federal Subsidized Loans

For details regarding Department of Health & Human Services loans only available to M.D. degree seeking students at the School of Medicine.

Parent Loans

For details regarding educational loans available to parents of dependent undergraduate students:

Please review our special video offerings from renowned Student Loans Debt Management specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Hanson, to learn more about the uniqueness of the current attributes of the Federal Student Loan programs.

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