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Graduate Students (SOPA)

Graduate level students (pursuing Master’s) either on-ground degree or on-line who are seeking aid to supplement any assistance being offered by The School of Professional Advancement (SoPA) and/or the various departments within the school should use this information to complete the aid application process.

Degree Specific Information & Resources

The following checklists and cost of attendance figures are based on each specific degree/certificate.

Please note that financial aid opportunities for certificates may not include federal student aid programs.

Please check this listing to specifically identify current certificate programs that are eligible for qualifying students to receive federal student aid funds, as well as those which are not eligible. Any certificate program not noted as being currently eligible is currently not a program for which a student is eligible for federal aid; however, those enrolled in a degree program are eligible for federal student aid consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: Students strictly enrolling in the Intelligence Studies or Sports Medicine certificate program are presently ineligible for Title IV aid; however, they may apply for outside non-federal funding.

Master’s On-ground Degree Program

Aid Application Checklists
Cost of Attendance
Fact Sheets

Master’s Online Degree Program

Aid Application Checklists
Cost of Attendance

Beyond the Basics

Scholarships, fellowships, & stipends

The SoPA and/or the various departments within the school will notify incoming and continuing graduate level students of any merit-based scholarships, fellowships, and/or stipends. You are required to notify the Tulane Financial Aid Office of your receipt of such awards, as our office will then determine your eligibility for any federal student aid resources to supplement any aid received from the School and/or your department.

International Student Aid

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