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Community Service Scholarships

Community Service scholarship (some of which are donor-specific) recipients and the amount of the award are announced by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Scholarships are awarded each year to incoming freshmen who have devoted exceptional time and effort to serving their communities and who plan to continue this dedication as members of the Tulane and New Orleans communities.

In addition to the monetary scholarship, recipients will join a cohort of other active and engaged Community Service Fellows. Together, they will learn to be dynamic leaders, community advocates, and service ambassadors while they also receive resources and guidance from Tulane’s Center for Public Service.

An application must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admission to be considered for the Community Service Fellowship.

Students may receive a Community Service Fellowship in combination with another Tulane merit scholarship if a specific combination is announced on the Community Service Fellowship award letter from the Office of Undergraduate Admission (this is frequently the case), but the Community Service Fellowship may not be combined with Mayoral Scholarship, Legislative Scholarship, ROTC scholarship, Faculty-Staff Tuition Waiver or Tuition Exchange Scholarship. Students may combine the award with a need-based scholarship once all other scholarships are included in need analysis. Students found guilty of violations of the Code of Academic Conduct will forfeit all remaining portions of Community Service Fellowship that they have been offered.

General Renewal Conditions

In addition to fulfilling service requirements as stated on the award announcement to receive renewal of the award (which will include working with the Tulane Center for Public Service as detailed on their website), it is also subject to merit scholarship renewal criteria as generally outlined on the merit scholarship renewal criteria page.

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