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Mayoral Scholars Scholarship

Mayoral Scholars Scholarships are four-year full-tuition scholarships funded by Tulane University for selected New Orleans residents who are graduates of New Orleans high schools and who meet certain additional eligibility requirements for undergraduate attendance in a Newcomb-Tulane College school. They are awarded to five incoming freshmen students based on academic merit and nomination by the Mayor of New Orleans.

Scholarship recipients must be graduates of a New Orleans high school and residents of Orleans Parish. They must also have a strong academic record (based on grades, quality and difficulty of high school coursework, and standardized scores), have established financial need as determined by federal guidelines, have participated in extracurricular activities or community service and have demonstrated leadership ability, and have letters of recommendation from high school guidance counselors, principal, or headmaster

Students may not receive a Mayoral Scholarship in combination with any other Tulane merit scholarship, ROTC scholarship, Faculty-Staff Tuition Waiver or Tuition Exchange Scholarship. Mayoral Scholarships may be combined with the Louisiana Valedictorian Scholarship (although please note this is no longer being awarded to incoming students after fall 2018), National Merit Scholarship, and/or Louisiana TOPS as long as the combination of all financial aid does not exceed the student's financial aid cost of attendance. Please check with Tulane Athletics Compliance if you are an athlete to find out how you may be affected if you are seeking both athletic scholarship and Mayoral Scholarship. Students offered a Mayoral Scholarship may also qualify for need-based aid.

Mayoral Scholarships are renewed without reapplication for four years of undergraduate study (five years for Architecture students) provided that the student maintains at least a 2.300 cumulative grade point average, residency in Orleans parish, residency in Louisiana, and full-time enrollment in a full-time Undergraduate division of Tulane University.

Application Procedure

Candidates for the Mayoral Scholarships must submit the scholarship application and an application for admission to an undergraduate division of Tulane University by January 15. Students must also file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile by February 15. Late or incomplete files cannot be processed.


No person related to an elected official (i.e., child, brother, sister, parent, spouse, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, first cousin, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, or brother-in-law) shall be eligible to receive a Mayoral Scholarship unless the relationship of the recipient is disclosed on the application form and the recipient is certified by Tulane University as having ranked among the eligible applicants with the highest academic credentials and the highest level of financial need under the federal guidelines used to calculate need.

Elected officials include persons elected to public office in the state of Louisiana, including U.S. Senators and Representatives, state elected officials (including members of the Legislature), state, municipal and parish officials, and persons elected to serve on political party committees.

Notification Procedure

The Mayor will announce the winners of the Mayoral Scholarship by April 15. Winners must notify Tulane University that they are accepting the offer of admission and the Scholarship by May 1.

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