ROTC Scholarship

ROTC Scholarships in each branch of the armed forces provide funding to cover full or partial tuition, fees, book expenses and a monthly expense allowance. Students completing this program are commissioned as officers in their respective branch of the armed forces upon graduation. Assistance to cover the room and board expenses of some ROTC scholarship recipients is provided by the Tulane Cooperative Room and Board Scholarship to undergraduate Tulane students.

Students who are offered both a Tulane merit scholarship and an ROTC scholarship must choose which scholarship is most advantageous to them. A student accepting an ROTC scholarship will forfeit Tulane merit scholarship when the ROTC scholarship is activated. However, students receiving an ROTC scholarship can receive the Tulane Cooperative Room and Board Scholarship in some cases (see more details below). In addition, students receiving a partial ROTC tuition scholarship may receive Tulane ROTC Supplemental Tuition Scholarship in the amount of 20 percent tuition or the amount of forfeit Tulane merit tuition scholarship minus the ROTC tuition scholarship, whichever is greater.

Other financial aid, including any Tulane need-based Scholarship, is recalculated in light of awarded ROTC scholarship and any Tulane scholarship made to supplement the ROTC scholarship.

For more information, students should contact the commanding officer at Tulane for the particular service in which they are interested:

Air Force
200 Broadway, Suite 130
Phone: (504) 865-5394
Fax: (504) 865-5390

200 Broadway, Suite 132
Phone: (504) 865-5594
Fax: (504) 865-6798

Navy Building
Phone: (504) 865-5104
Fax: (504) 865-8768

Value of 2024-2025 ROTC Awards Please note that the values shown for the 2024-2025 ROTC Awards are subject to correction.

General Rules Governing Scholarships

  1. The commanding officer of each unit is responsible for notifying the student of their eligibility for Tulane's Cooperative Room and Board Scholarship, and may therefore ask to have the scholarship rescinded at their discretion.
  2. Tuition Scholarships and Cooperative Room and Board Scholarships are not available for summer terms.
  3. Students who lose their ROTC scholarships will also lose their room and board waivers. If they are reinstated, the room and board waiver will be renewed. At no time will the room and board waiver extend beyond four academic years, except for five year ROTC benefit recipients.
  4. The room waiver value is for a traditional double-occupancy residence hall room. The room waiver may be applied to any residence hall that has space available. Recipients are responsible for any additional cost above the value of the standard room waiver.
  5. Married students who are otherwise eligible may receive the value of the waiver if they live in housing provided by Tulane off-campus.
  6. The value of the board waiver is up to the base price of the undergraduate board plan represented in the student’s financial aid Cost of Attendance. The waiver will be credited only for the amount of the actual board plan taken. If a student chooses a meal plan of less than the base price, a waiver for that lower cost will be issued. No options will be provided for alternative meal plans or "debit card cash" food plans.
  7. Students who receive the cooperative room and board awards should familiarize themselves with tax implications noted in the Internal Revenue Service publications on Scholarship and Fellowship Grants.

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