Tulane requires the validation of CSS Profile application data for all students applying for consideration of institutional need-based scholarship funding.  This process provides for an accurate and equitable distribution of our limited need-based scholarship pool and assures our donors of fair and accountable allocations of their generous resources.

Generally, if seeking consideration for Tulane’s need-based scholarship funding a student will be required to provide signed copies of parents’ federal income tax returns (including all schedules) AND parents’ W-2 forms.  If a parent did not file a federal income tax return, then the appropriate non-filer form will need to be completed (available on the forms section of this website).  If a parent did not receive a W-2 form, then notify the Tulane Financial Aid Office.  Tulane may also request additional documents for validation if it is determined that such action is warranted.

IMPORTANT: All validation documents must be received by Tulane before we can initiate a review for Tulane need-based scholarship!

Documents Needed to Complete Validation

IRS Federal Income Tax Returns

Signed copies of federal income tax returns are required from all students and from all parents if seeking consideration for institutional need-based scholarship. If a parent or student did not file an IRS tax return for the specified calendar year (as detailed on the CSS Profile), then complete the appropriate Non-Filer FormCopies of State income tax returns are not needed.

Per federal regulations, copies of tax returns used for Tulane’s validation of CSS Profile data CANNOT be used for federal verification of FAFSA data. Only IRS Tax Transcripts are acceptable for the federal verification process, thus we regret that there will be some situations whereby Tulane must collect both copies of tax returns as well as copies of IRS Tax Transcripts.

W-2 Forms

Tulane’s validation process requires that copies of ALL W-2 Forms for the specified year must be submitted, regardless whether or not a parent or student filed an IRS tax return for the given year. In cases where a parents' income is not reflected on a W-2 form, then notify the Tulane Financial Aid Office.

Other Documents

During the review of a student’s CSS Profile application, Tulane may determine that additional information requires further validation, and will request necessary documentation as is warranted.

Preferred submission of any required forms or documents (only in a pdf format, 2mb file size limit) should be directly and securely uploaded to our processing system using our File Upload feature. Please include student identifying information on all documents and communications.

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