Graduate & Professional Student Gifts

At the graduate and/or professional student level, the offering of gift aid (scholarship) is extremely limited. For example, the U.S. Department of Education offers no need-based grant programs designated for student enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program, as all of their grant offerings are strictly limited to undergraduate students.

Tulane’s various graduate and professional schools may offer limited merit funding at the time of admission, based on funding availability. Students are encouraged to check with their respective admissions office to inquire about possible merit scholarship availability.

Graduate Scholarships (gift aid):

Merit Awards

  • Tulane graduate and professional schools (check with your respective admissions office)

Louisiana Resident Awards

Need-Based Awards

  • Tulane School of Medicine (offers a few small need-based scholarships based on FAFSA and Financial Aid Addendum data)

Other Scholarship or Gift Aid Opportunities

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