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Understanding COA = Aid Maximum

The cost of attendance or COA is the cornerstone of establishing a student’s financial need, as it sets a limit on the total aid that a student may receive.

The COA is an estimate of a student’s educational expenses for the period of enrollment, and is established by Tulane’s Financial Aid Office based on expected fixed and variable costs. COA includes the following:

  1. Tuition and fees associated with a student’s specific Tulane program(s). Generally, full-time students incur the following mandatory fees: academic support fee; student activity fee; recreation center fee; and health center fee. In some cases, tuition and fees may be calculated based on level of enrollment each semester. Details on Tulane’s prevailing tuition and fees can be found at https://studentaccounts.tulane.edu/content/tuition-and-fees
  2. Room and board represents an allowance for an on-campus dormitory or off-campus housing as well as an allowance for meals. Upon request (and with proper documentation), a room and board allowance will be considered for on-line degree students.
  3. Books and supplies represents an allowance per semester for book purchases/rentals and/or necessary educational supplies.
  4. Personal Expenses represents an allowance for incidental and miscellaneous expenses. Health insurance maybe considered as an additional personal expense item if not covered as a dependent under an existing health plan.
  5. Transportation amounts budgeted for undergraduates represent an allowance for two round trips between a student’s home state and New Orleans. The transportation allowance for graduate and professional students often includes local transportation costs, which may include a parking allowance.

The total COA represents the maximum level of aid you may receive. It is critical to understand that your total aid may not exceed your calculated cost of attendance.

Adjustments to COA: Generally, the established COA is fixed; however, there are a few COA increase allowances. Students should contact their financial aid counselor to review allowable adjustments. Two typical allowable adjustments are as follows:

  • Computer purchase: One time only during a student's degree program, the COA may be increased to reflect the purchase of a computer used for educational purposes. Tulane's current policy caps the one-time computer allowance at $2,500. Please note that costs for internet connection, accessories and/or software are not allowed, and documentation of the purchase is required. Computer Purchase Policy.
  • Federal educational loan fees: Federal educational loan fees deducted from the gross amount of the loans may be added to the COA at a student's request.

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