Completing Your Application

Okay, so after reading the information at Applying for Financial Aid, you now know:

For Federal Student Aid

Applicable to All Eligible Student Populations (Undergraduates and Graduate/Professional Students)

  • How to obtain your FSA ID (refer to FAFSA page) that is needed when completing the FAFSA.
  • How to respond if your FAFSA is selected for verification.
  • FAFSA applicants might be asked to document their citizenship status and males their selective service registration.
  • To check if Tulane recommends completion of an additional financial aid addendum (always necessary when seeking summer aid; and often requested of SoPA students and various graduate student populations). Addendums can be found on our forms page.

For Need-Based Scholarships for Full-Time Undergraduates

Applicable to All Incoming Full-Time Undergraduates (except SoPA students)

  • How to complete the CSS Profile (refer to CSS Profile) and in cases of divorce/separation have each parent complete the CSS Profile.
  • What documents must be submitted to complete the validation process.
  • Parents owning businesses will most likely be asked to provide copies of most recent business tax returns.
  • If a sibling will also be in college during the academic year, then once the academic year commences that Tulane will require confirmation documentation of sibling’s college enrollment.
IMPORTANT: Continuously check Tulane’s secure on-line Gibson portal to learn of any “To Do” items being requested. New items might be added to your “To Do” list at any time.

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