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Accepting Your Aid Offer

By logging into Tulane’s secure Gibson portal, students are able to review their aid offering for a specific academic year. After accepting the terms and conditions associated with the aid offer, students are then able to successfully navigate to the appropriate area to enter an “award decision.” Options include being able to accept or decline each item of aid offered, as well as accept an amount less than the amount offered (especially when deciding on loan amounts to borrow).

IMPORTANT: The acceptance of aid by an incoming admitted student does NOT obligate the student to matriculate at Tulane!

Scholarships and grant funds will not disburse until fully accepted. Loans will not be certified by Tulane until accepted (except during summer semesters when loans are generally accepted due to the short duration of the academic period). Students offered Federal Work Study must accept their award before commencing employment.

If you wish to change an award decision you will need to contact your respective financial aid counselor.

Note: Merit scholarships for continuing upperclassmen are generally automatically accepted for the new academic year.

Last updated on

December 19, 2022 9:28 AM