Maintaining Eligibility

Regulations governing federal, state, and institutional aid programs mandate that Tulane regularly review to confirm that a student continues to meet all required eligibility criteria associated with receipt of specific aid resources. Here are the primary areas associated with maintaining eligibility:

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

At the conclusion of every semester of attempted enrollment, federal regulations mandate that Tulane must perform an evaluation to assure that a student is meeting “satisfactory academic progress” in order to continue to remain eligible to receive federal and state student aid funds. This evaluation measures performance in both quantitative and qualitative metrics. Details concerning Tulane’s SAP policy and the appeal process is available via this link:

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and Suspension Status Appeal (PDF)

    Institutional Satisfactory Academic Progress (ISAP)

    At the conclusion of each academic year, Tulane policy requires an evaluation of a student’s academic performance to assure that a student has maintained full-time enrollment and achieved the necessary minimum grade point average necessary for retention of Tulane scholarship funds (either merit-based and/or need-based). Details concerning Tulane’s policy for institutional scholarship and the appeal process are available via this link:

    Determination of Financial Need

    Federal and institutional aid awarded on the basis of need, requires that need be re-established each year via the appropriate financial aid application materials (FAFSA for all federal aid and CSS Profile for institutional need-based aid). A student’s level of need may change from year to year based on changes and/or circumstances in the application data.

    Failure to complete a semester that you've started or completion of a semester without a passing grade requires Tulane to determine what level of federal student aid you are eligible to retain for the period of enrollment.

    Federal Eligibility Rules

    Students must meet all federal eligibility regulations in order to remain eligible for various federal student aid resources.

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